Creating new realities.

Together, we're planting seeds of dignity and equality, delivering hope beyond food.

We are a registered Australian charity with a clear purpose: to tackle poverty and promote greater fairness in Brazil.

Our strategy involves providing food and essential items to individuals facing severe hunger and disadvantage within Brazil.

This impactful initiative is powered by a global network of partners and volunteers, spanning across more than 13 countries outside Brazil's borders.

What sets us apart:

No intermediaries

We have visibility and control – from buying the food items to getting the final hampers into the hands of our partner charities. Our core team is on top of entire process, end to end, from right here in Australia.

Global impact

Our journey began with our inaugural campaign in 2020. Just one year later, we'd already gone global, receiving support from people in 13 countries outside Brazil.

Open & honest

We believe in being upfront. When appropriate, we broadcast our food deliveries live across our social media. It's all about creating a stronger connection between our charity partners, families, and donors.

Being human means being part of something bigger.

Unique Business Model

With no intermediaries, we ensure the donations become food, alleviating hunger where it's most needed.

Getting funds

When you donate, we put those funds to work by buying food and essentials straight from wholesalers in Brazil.

Research insights

We dive into research and data to really understand who needs the most help and where they are

Choosing the partners

We team up with organisations that are already making a difference for our target groups. Before we shake hands, we thoroughly check them out to make sure they're on the same page as us and can deliver to our high ethical and moral standards

Picking families

Once they're officially on board as our local charity partners, they handpick individuals from their networks who meet our criteria to receive the food aid

Live deliveries

Founding members

What we have achieved so far


Injected into the
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People Reached


Food Hampers


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Tones of food delivered

How to get involved


AU$50 can do wonders at CASA. It means a complete food hamper, filled with essentials, for those in need. These hampers cover 4 people for 2 full weeks. We can't do it alone – whether a one-time donation or joining as a regular donor, we need you. Bonus: as a registered Australian charity with DGR status, any donation over $2 is tax deductible. Ready to make a difference?


Want to give back? Join us! Fill out a form below to tell us about your skills. We're all about teamwork and can't wait to connect. Hang tight – we'll be in touch. For a chat or questions, email: []

Become an ambassador

Hey, influencers and creators! If you're into spreading the word, we'd love you as a CASA ambassador. Check our kit and if you're in, email: We're excited to have your help sharing our mission.


Calling journalists! If you're up for sharing our story (big thanks!), email: []. We're ready to chat.


Make an impact in the lives of thousands of people with us.

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