Brazilian Floods Emergency Support´╗┐

CASA is seeking to support those impacted by the devastating floods in Rio Grande do Sul. We have all been touched by the scale of the damage, the loss of life and the impact to livelihoods.

This campaign will be running throughout May 2024 and food deliveries will be done as we receive the money, so we can start supporting right away.

We will be using local operators on the ground that will be able to store and cook the food so the people in need can eat and have basic supplies . All donations received for this campaign specifically will go to those in need in Rio Grande do Sul.

Should you wish to become an ongoing donor of CASA, your subsequent donations will be directed to our ongoing efforts including the provision of food and essential items to families in need throughout Brazil.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the floods.
Join us in standing with the people of Rio Grande do Sul during this time of crisis.

Being human means being part of something bigger.

Unique Business Model

With no intermediaries, we ensure the donations become food, alleviating hunger where it's most needed.

Getting funds

When you donate, we put those funds to work by buying food and essentials straight from wholesalers in Brazil.

Research insights

We dive into research and data to really understand who needs the most help and where they are

Choosing the partners

We team up with organisations that are already making a difference for our target groups. Before we shake hands, we thoroughly check them out to make sure they're on the same page as us and can deliver to our high ethical and moral standards

Picking families

Once they're officially on board as our local charity partners, they handpick individuals from their networks who meet our criteria to receive the food aid


Make an impact in the lives of thousands of people with us.

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