Get involved

At CASA, donations drive our mission, making a genuine impact on families in need. Your contribution is the spark that ignites positive change.

And remember, spreading our story is priceless too. By sharing our journey, you amplify the difference we can make together.

As a united force, our potential knows no limits. Let's create lasting change, one step at a time.

How to get involved


AU$50 can do wonders at CASA. It means a complete food hamper, filled with essentials, for those in need. These hampers cover 4 people for 2 full weeks. We can't do it alone – whether a one-time donation or joining as a regular donor, we need you. Bonus: as a registered Australian charity with DGR status, any donation over $2 is tax deductible. Ready to make a difference?


Want to give back? Join us! Fill out a form below to tell us about your skills. We're all about teamwork and can't wait to connect. Hang tight – we'll be in touch. For a chat or questions, email: []

Become an ambassador

Hey, influencers and creators! If you're into spreading the word, we'd love you as a CASA ambassador. Check our kit and if you're in, email: []. We're excited to have your help sharing our mission.


Calling journalists! If you're up for sharing our story (big thanks!), email: []. We're ready to chat. Learn more about CASA and our journey in our [Media Kit]
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