How we work

With no intermediaries, we ensure your donation becomes food that is delivered to where it's needed most.

Unique Business Model

Donations mark the starting line for us. Our mission is to turn that generosity into food to tackle hunger where it hurts the most. Here's the scoop:
Getting Donations
Research & Insights
Choosing Charity Partners
Picking the families

01. Getting donations

At CASA, donations power our mission, creating a real difference for families in need. To achieve our donation goals, we've crafted a robust marketing plan that outlines the entire process and each phase of our major campaigns. Our main focus is on memberships, enabling us to provide ongoing support for families as they rebuild their lives.

02. Research & Insights

To make sure our help reaches those who need it most, we rely on solid surveys and studies to set our charity selection criteria. In our last two campaigns, our choices were guided by two survey studies conducted by trustworthy and independent sources.

This data helps us figure out where help is most needed, who's facing the toughest times, and where our efforts can make the most impact.
• Food Insecurity In Brazil: Pandemic, Trends And International Comparisons - FGV Social. May 2022

• National Survey of Food Insecurity in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil - Rede PENSSAN. 2021/2022

03. Choosing the charity partners

Once we understand the areas and demographics that need our help, we are open to receive applications for charity partners. We're all about being fair and unbiased in choosing the right organizations to collaborate with. Here are our 4 core pillars:

Income, geographic location, education, race and gender

The criteria mentioned above form the foundation for selecting our charity partners. We also look for NGOs that are crystal clear about their mission, transparent in their operations, and dedicated to actively uplifting their communities. Our process also involves evaluating the leadership team of these NGOs to ensure alignment with our values.

Faith filled, not based

We are open to collaborating with any organization that holds a clear intent and follows transparent processes to achieve our shared purpose. Our doors are open to partners of all faiths and creeds, as we respect and value those who align with our mission.


To uphold the integrity and intent of our campaigns, we choose entities that maintain independence from any specific political parties.

Organised & ethical

Whether they are registered NGOs, independent projects, or grassroots groups, our partners must exhibit strong organization and the capacity to receive, store, and deliver food hampers transparently and on the mutually agreed-upon schedule with CASA.

04. Picking the families

Once we shake hands with the charity partners, their job of the is to ensure the food hampers are delivered to the families who most need help

Our selection criteria aligns with the findings of our research on hunger levels in Brazil. It mirrors the factors used to choose partner charities, such as income, education, race, and gender. Additionally, we consider families that don't receive government assistance, those with a larger number of dependents, and the elderly.

Partner charities are tasked with identifying the families that will most benefit from the food hampers and ensuring timely delivery. The entire process is well-documented, including the list of recipient families, signatures, and visual documentation to ensure transparency and accountability.


Make an impact in the lives of thousands of people with us.

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