Together, we've delivered 72 tons of food to Brazil.

Choosing CASA to donate

CASA is a registered Australian Charity with Tax-Deductible Benefits.

At CASA, we're more than just a charity – we're a community committed to making a difference.

As a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, we ensure your contributions make the maximum impact. But what does DGR status mean for you? It signifies that CASA meets stringent requirements set by the Australian government, providing you with the assurance that your donations are handled with integrity and transparency.

Having DGR status is a big deal because it not only recognizes our commitment to ethical practices but also benefits our generous supporters. When you donate to CASA, your gifts are tax-deductible, making it easier for you to give and support our mission. This status amplifies the power of your contributions, allowing us to reach more individuals in need and drive meaningful change in our community. Join us in our mission, confident that every dollar you give is used responsibly and effectively.

Check our registration and latest financial reports below.


At CASA, everything revolves around connecting people – donors, volunteers, and those we help. To make this bond strong, transparency is our golden rule. We lay it all out there, from donations to the number of food hampers we deliver.

Transparency? We're all in. It's not just about gaining trust from donors, but also about giving partner charities and families a crystal-clear view of our work.

And when we can, we make donations live – it's like a virtual hug connecting donors and families. That connection is what sets us apart and it fills all of us with gratitude.

Expanding our impact, year after year

Year Food hampers /
families assisted
Total in reais
Total in Aus
dollares (AU$)
Number of
Number of
Tons of
2020 1,282 5,128 $106,668.00 $28,300.00 7 3 20
2021 2,380 9,520 $223,011.00 $57,369.00 14 6 35
2023 1,585 5,247 $139,630.00 $42,312.00 12 6 17,5

Our campaigns so far


17.5 tons of food from Australia to Brazil.

35 tons of food from Australia to Brazil.

20 tons of food from Australia to Brazil.


Make an impact in the lives of thousands of people with us.

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