Who we are

For us, it's not about money, it's about being human.

Why we started CASA

~33 Million

Brazilians are in hunger.

~125 Million

Brazilians are experiencing moderate or severe food insecurity (they do not have full and permanent access to food).

~14 Million

Was the increase of those experiencing hunger in less than 2 years in Brazil.

The number of people, including children and families, affected by hunger has increased in Brazil over the last few years.

Between 2020-2022, the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity jumped from 19.1 million in 2020 to 33.1 million in 2021.

During this period, 14 million new Brazilians began to experience hunger in their daily lives.

The economic crisis experience during the COVID pandemic was the biggest driver of these increases.
Source: National Survey of Food Insecurity in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil - Rede PENSSAN. 2021/2022

Brazilian hunger levels are dire...

The increase in food insecurity during the pandemic among the poorest 20 percent within Brazil rose from 53 percent in 2019 to 75 percent in 2021. This level is comparable to Zimbabwe which is the country with highest level of food insecurity globally.
Source: Food Insecurity In Brazil: Pandemic, Trends And International Comparisons - FGV Social. May/22

The number of people experiencing hunger in Brazil is larger than Australia and New Zealand populations together

Source: Elaboration of data by United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. World Population Prospects: The 2022 Revision. (Medium-fertility variant).


From #lembradecasa to CASA

In 2020, Emilie da Silva Stratford, came across data on hunger in Brazil, and felt in her heart the need to change this reality. The idea was simple: provide immediate relief to families in Brazil experiencing hunger.

With the collaboration of a group of incredible volunteers, #lembradecasa was born. The aim was to raise AU$25,000 to be used to purchase food and create hampers locally from significantly impacted areas of Brazil.

The 3-week campaign was a huge success. The campaign reached its target, raising $28,300, which created 1,282 food hampers, benefiting more than 5,000 people directly.

In 2021 the team came together again, doubling up the campaign targets; again it was exceeded with AU$57,300 raised. In two years, #lembradecasa raised AU$86,000 and distributed over 55 tons of food in Brazil.

The following year we dedicated our energies to registering CASA as an Australian charity. Due to the incredible due diligence across the two campaigns, the ACNC recognised our organisation as credible and provided us with DGR status, allowing individuals and corporations to claim donations as tax deductions.


Founders and Board

Emilie da Silva Stratford
Chief Executive Officer

Meet Emilie

BA Marketing Mackenzie University / MBA in Business Administration FGV
Graduate Certificate in Management Communications TAFE

Emilie wears many hats – a businesswoman, a therapist, and a senior corporate marketer with 20 years of experience in diverse industries. With 18 years of Australian residency, Emilie's journey into social work covers 26 years across both Brazil and Australia. She's made significant contributions to numerous social projects, including a notable role as the former Director of the Sydney-based NGO WILL2LIVE, dedicated to aiding the homeless.

Today, she calls the Gold Coast home, cherishing family moments and thriving as an Integrative Therapist while leading Life & Soul. For Emilie, CASA is more than an organization; it's her heart and soul. In 2020, she initiated the #lembradecasa campaign and meticulously assembled the initial volunteer team. A Brazilian, a mother, and driven by a deep desire to give back, her work at CASA is a profound expression of gratitude for the opportunities life has gifted her.

Juliane Gold
Chief Business Development Officer

Meet Ju

Founder of CASA
BA in Tourism - Brazil
Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management - TAFE

Juliane has been working in the international education industry for over 25 years. As a Brazilian living in Australia, who has also lived in Canada and the USA, she has a passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures. Most importantly, she has a deep understanding of the support that Brazilians need when abroad.

Juliane is a devoted mother of two beautiful children and also contributes to the family business. CASA is an essential part of her life, reflecting her commitment to supporting her country and roots. Continuing her family's tradition of helping others, she aims to teach her children the importance of community service. Raised in a family dedicated to charity work, Juliane's commitment to helping others is a lifelong passion.

Honey P Muir
Chief Strategy Officer

Meet Honey

BA Anthropology Macquarie Uni / Graduate Certificate in Social Impact UNSW

Honey has a breadth of professional experiences having worked within corporates, the social sector, academia and government. Honey has consistently been drawn to strategic policy and project roles, and has accumulated over 15 years experience. Honey has also worked across both sides of the funding spectrum - as a donor and a recipient - providing her with a balanced perspective into the requirements of applying for and appropriately acquitting funds.

A lover of languages, Honey is (always) learning Portuguese. Married to a Brazilian, with a son and another baby on the way, her family includes two adorable French bulldogs. Honey is a busy working mum, who dedicates her time to CASA with an open heart and non judgemental mindset, believing wholeheartedly in CASA’s mission; to achieve an inclusive Brazil without poverty.


Make an impact in the lives of thousands of people with us.

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